About Our Dairy

 We pasteurize the milk from our herd of 60 Jersey Cows to make all types of fresh and aged Italian-style cheeses. The Jersey Cows are known for the richness of their milk which works very well for the fresh Mozzarella and Ricotta cheese we are making. Our fresh Mozzarella and Ricotta are not what many people are used to tasting if compared to store bought cheese. We are making it the old fashioned artisan way as they do in Southern Italy. As we begin to produce more, we will build an ageing cave for our provolone style cheeses.  

Our Process

Milk to Curd


We add rennet to our pasteurized milk which help coagulate and develop curd.

Hand-Ladled Ricotta


The whey is separated and then re-heated to make our Fresh Ricotta. Once at correct temperature, the ricotta curds are ladled into baskets to drain.

Cooking and Stretching of Curd


The curd is chopped and cooked with hot water. This allows the curd to form one shiny, stretchy mass. We then work it into shapes for Mozzarella or Scamorza by hand.

Aging Room


Our cheese that needs time to develop their flavors get set a aside in our aging room. It is temperature and humidity controlled so that the cheese can dry and harder at the right time.